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Professional Wedding Videography: A “Must-Have” Priority!

Weddings go by so very quickly. Months of planning, even a lifetime of dreaming, come to fruition in just a few short hours. No wonder so many brides report that their wedding day was just a blur. Thankfully all the sights and sounds of that wonderful day can now be preserved on DVD for a lifetime of enjoyment!

Since first appearing on the wedding scene in the late 1970’s, professional videography has grown steadily as both a business and as an art form. Three important developments in the 1990’s have changed professional wedding and event videography permanently-and for the better!

In the early 1990’s, video professionals in many regions began forming Local Videographers Associations.

Most met on a monthly basis, and this was a grass-roots effort by wedding and event videographers to begin sharing their knowledge. Today, there are about fifty such organizations throughout the USA and Canada.

National and international videographers associations started organizing in the early 1990’s. Through a variety of meetings, conventions, and other events, these organizations became an important way to educate wedding videographers.

Some videographers, for example, along with important retailers, have worked closely with major video gear manufacturers for many years. This has ensured the development of new equipment that is specifically designed for the intimacy of weddings and social events. As a result, professional video cameras have become smaller, lightweight and require very little light to produce extraordinary images from ceremonies and receptions.

Computer-based editing now allows skilled videographers to create high-quality wedding productions on DVD.

Improvements in digital video production techniques have allowed creative wedding and event videographers to turn out programs that rival anything seen on television.

Given that nearly everyone has access to the digital technology, what separates a professional videographer from an amateur?  A professional will continuously make every effort to learn more about their craft. A professional strives to incorporate the latest developments in the wedding video industry into his or her own business. He or she will belong to a Local Videographers Association, as well as a national (or international) organization. The professional will also take part in continuing education courses, in order to stay current with the latest information in this rapidly changing industry.

Briefly, then, here are the reasons a professional videographer must be a part of every wedding:

-A professional will be a cooperative part of the wedding-day team. The most successful studios are built from referrals, which only come from mutual respect and cooperation.

-A professional will have the ancillary equipment, such as wireless microphones and a tripod, to properly record the event in a discreet and unobtrusive manner. We’ve all heard stories about someone’s friend recording a wedding without sound, or not knowing when the camcorder was actually recording.

-A professionally produced video is the perfect compliment to professional photographs, as the video best captures sound and motion. Both trades are indispensable parts of the wedding-day team.

-A professional videographer will be able to produce a wedding DVD movie that will become an instant family heirloom.

-The wedding day truly is a blur, and today's professionally produced wedding DVDs allow couples to enjoy details that they could not absorb otherwise.

-Professional videography is available in every market, in every budget range.


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